Updating safari in iphone

I realize that safari is updated when i OS is updated.

But is it ever updated silently, like chrome or firefox, for more minor additions? Or is it more like the stock android browser, or internet explorer?

Let’s take a look at the most common gripes people seem to have.

While not necessarily universal or even exceptional in the world of smartphones, these are the i Phone 5 problems that people have been complaining about the most online and around the world.

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Recent versions of Apple's OS X operating system, such as Yosemite, allow you to automatically install software updates.

As of September 2015, Apple now seem to be keeping the one branch (Safari 9) across the few most recent versions of OS X.

Apple don't make or support Safari for Windows any more.

Which only are updated when the platforms they reside on are updated. As far as I know, there is no background updating, and updates only happen along with i OS updates.

Above is a screenshot from the new features of i OS 6 - listed is Safari as one of those updates.