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There are several approaches you can take, which we'll outline here.

Installing a dedicated app is perhaps the easiest way of changing your Android device's wallpaper on a schedule.

Wallpaper Changer is the best-known app for the job, though there are others around on Google Play.

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What's you favorite wallpaper, and how often do you switch it around? From the Nexus 5 to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, changing the background of your Android device is one of the most straightforward and effective ways of making your phone your own.Beyond the basics there are a handful of wallpaper-modifying tricks that you may not know are out there.For some reason, first my workstation and then my tablet stopped updating the wallpaper.First I thought it was my company that was avoiding the app to work properly but then I started noticing that the app itself is a mess: It has two storage and formats for the wallpapers: with a ####-##-##(date) image format.