Woman busy dating Sexchat israel

This is after we have corresponded a few times and haven't really met each other. Wouldn't it be better to interpret the "busy" signal as a negative and not contact her again until she makes the next move first? Fark being the yoyo that she wants to play with when she feels like it..

If a woman was really interested in someone, why couldn't she find some time during the day to send an e-mail and let you know how things are going? Do women expect you to contact them again after a week of absence? Why walk the dog when you can make her walk the plank !!! Maybe she might spinout a bitand start calling you..

Women tend to be generally more attracted those with more active, exciting lives.

Obviously, the pain we inflict on ourselves is always the worst.

Doc: I recently read one of your columns advising a guy to back off for 3-4 months from contacting a woman who's "too busy". She was very hurt in her marriage, and now she's scared to get involved (relationship equals pain).

Yet at the same time she wants to be involved (women!

) and the chemistry between us is remarkable (even she comments on this).

Her response is to severely limit the time we spend together by filling up every spare second with work, activities, etc.