Womanfoe sex

The party was drawing to a close but such ridiculous glitz as big hair, blackened catfish, and gold lamé dresses were still dominating the cultural zeitgeist.If you replaced the post-punk soundtrack with the trilling of opera and slitted your eyes just the right way, it all looked like Marie Antoinette’s doomed palace.Blackmailed into serving the Nazis because they held her daughter prisoner, she changed sides after Wonder Woman rescued her daughter, Gerta, and joined the Amazons as their chief scientist.

Some criticized the casting of John Malkovich as Vicomte de Valmont, the most notorious cad of this aristocratic set.

Please note: there is a wrestling team with the same name.

And now I feel compelled to share my thoughts with you, dear reader. I, MODOK, hear a great deal about how “sexist” comics are. Look at me, I’m a giant, wrinkly floating head with little bitty arms and legs.

The Legion of Doom is an unusual case: it is made of comic book characters, but it's from a television show!

The Legion of Doom was the "Challenge of Super Friends" show's analogous to the Secret Society of Super Villains.