Wpf binding in style not updating

The problem I am having arises in XAML, in 2 areas, but which I imagine have a similar origin.

I have a Window which contains a List View, populated with the Files in a selected Project.

The File implements INotify Property Changed, and fires this event if the on/off state changes.

I use this XAML code, where the converter is in my code behind class: Also for the selected File, if the information in the file changes while it is selected (which other classes can cause to happen), I want the status bar to update automatically to reflect this change, but it doesn't; I have to click something else and then re-select the File of interest.

While debugging I found the property Selected Item Foreground Color value was not empty.

I had assigned Green and it was still holding this value as Green .

INotify Property Changed The most important thing to note is that you should raise the When working with Data Models you have to be sure the model is complete at intial load. Data Context = main View Model and some parts of you main View Model are NOT loaded (=null) then you are not able to bind them.

wpf binding in style not updating-45

WPF 4.5 Can someone please take the below default style for Combo Box and show me how to change it so that I can set a Border Brush color (or resource brush) via Style setter at the top "Combo Box" level..then have that same color to flow all the way down to the Border Brush property of the Border named "Border" within the Toggle Button template with key "Combo Box Toggle Button"?

Change your XAML for setting the datacontext to this: You are passing the string "prop" so the bound values listening for "Count" will not be triggered. ) I thought I had better update this with a fix - you could use the answer already given of course but I dont want to copy someone else :).

I have a nested listbox (listbox within another listbox).

When the app starts up, everything is peachy, the label even initially displays whatever value is in the Count property of the model.

Calling increment updates the model properly, and directly incrementing the Count property as shown in the code also works just fine.