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Written or physical, the message of romance rides strong in the giving.We all feel the need of having a bit of romance in our lives, once in a while.i have a good personality quick witted and abit ov a numpty 🙂 in a good way of course! i have time for everyone and there is nobody i dont get along with :). I am not interested in anyone who is false, I will know if they are.

I had a long career in Tactical Aviation within Canadian Forces Air Command, which included flying positions in several squadrons, command of 444 Tactical Helicopter Squadron at Lahr in Germany, and command of 1 Wing Kingston. – auletbenta – austinguinta – giuntaben – guinta_salvatore – guintajacques – guintasalvatore – loganchris – saivatore – salvatore_guinta – salvatoreguinta (no pic) sgtleonardmine (no pic) steveguinta x – 5458492066 – 5458691620 – 5458940195 – 5459366527 – 5459903145 – 5463767952 – 5970365159 – 5973442304 – 5976167944 – 5983373963 – 5984556836 – 6000230297 – 6728938742 – 6734436916 – 6741463923 – 7254862644 – 7266818742 –About miche200: (About sgtsalvatore: ( MY NAME IS SALVATORE GIUNTA,, I WANT A WOMAN WITH FEAR OF GOD, LOVE, CARING, HONEST AND HUMBLE, I WANT TO MEET SOME ONE TO BE WITH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, I WANT TO LOVE AND BE IN LOVE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, ..I have served in the United States as Deputy Commander for Continental NORAD Region and was standing duty at Tyndall Air Force Base conducting Air Operation on September 11, 2001.I later become Deputy Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division, and from August 2007 to June 2009, Deputy Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command, receiving promotion to Lieutenant-General on taking up the appointment.